“Debt crisis was a values crisis”: Paul Bulcke in The Huffington Post

To Press Releases listVevey,Oct 7, 2014

Paul Bulcke, Nestlé CEO

Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke has said that business must return to its original roots of creating value for society in order to rebuild the trust between companies and societies that was eroded by the global debt crisis.

“It will require a combination of holistic thinking, long-term goals and strong and clear values, based on 'respect': respect for people, cultures, the environment, the next generations and the future of the world we live in,” Mr Bulcke writes in an Opinion-Editorial published in The Huffington Post.

“Those that fail to do this will end up alienating themselves from society, and that is a risk we should not take. It’s important not to forget that it is society that grants us the permission to be in business and allows us to succeed,” he added.

His comments come as Nestlé prepares to host its annual Creating Shared Value Forum, on 9th October in Switzerland.

Read the full Opinion Editorial in The Huffington Post, find out more about the Creating Shared Value Forum and follow the event live.