Nestlé Challenges 1 Million Malaysians To Lead a Healthy Life

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Historic promotion to be catalyst for healthy living with Nestlé products

Historic promotion to be catalyst for healthy living with Nestlé products.

Nestlé Malaysia today took the unprecedented step of challenging Malaysians to live healthily through balanced diets and healthy lifestyles. Over the next six weeks, the Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company aims to convince at least 1 million Malaysians to pledge to start leading a healthy lifestyle.

"We often talk about the health of the nation in terms of the economy, but neglect to emphasise the importance of our own health. At Nestlé, we believe that in order for us to contribute to the development of the nation, we have to be fit to do so and that means having healthy minds and bodies," said Alois Hofbauer, Region Head of Nestlé Malaysia and Singapore, at the launch of a six-week long campaign to promote healthy lifestyles.

The 'Nestlé Lebih Kebaikan, Lebih Nilai' (Nestlé More Goodness, More Value) promotion - aims to create awareness among Malaysians on the importance of healthy lifestyles, with Nestlé sharing its knowledge and expertise in nutrition and offering nutritious and tasty products at great value. The promotion also demonstrates that eating healthily is not only pleasurable, but also affordable for families.

The six-week long campaign will be supported with road shows at hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout the country. The road shows, which will feature interactive displays and presentations, will not only showcase the various Nestlé products but also promote healthy eating habits through educational materials and advice from the Company's representatives.

"While Malaysians are generally well aware of the benefits of keeping a balanced and healthy diet, the increasing cost of living poses challenges for them to maintain this, especially for mothers who traditionally look after the health and wellbeing of their entire family," said Hofbauer.

"We want to encourage Malaysians to commit to live healthily through healthy eating habits, and to remind them that they can get the required nutrients throughout the day with the affordable Nestlé brands they have grown up with," added Hofbauer.

The initiative is more than just a consumer promotion, as the key objective is to get Malaysians to take the leap and pledge to start leading a healthy lifestyle. To start the ball rolling, Hofbauer accompanied the guest of honour for the event, Y. B. Dato' Sri Rohani Abdul Karim, the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, to be the first two to take the pledge.

"On the part of the Ministry, we fully support the Nestlé 'Lebih Kebaikan, Lebih Nilai' campaign launched today. This campaign is in line with one of the Ministry's aim and mission, which is to strengthen the family unit in order to improve social welfare and to develop a healthy and prosperous community through healthy nutrition and lifestyles," said Y. B. Dato' Sri Rohani Abdul Karim during the launch event.

"Balanced and healthy diets are already implemented in all institutions for children operated by the Department of Social Welfare (JKM), where the children's menus have to be approved by the Ministry of Health. The department also monitors the preparation of menus for TASKA's and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to ensure that they follow the set guidelines, and that well-balanced diets are always practiced and given serious consideration by all parties," she added.

Nestlé hopes to receive at least 1 million pledges over the 6-week campaign period, and members of the public can register their pledge by visiting the Nestlé website or at the interactive road shows throughout the country. The Company will continue to contribute to activities that promote positive Nutrition, Health and Wellness values.

Nestlé globally and in Malaysia, continuously innovates and renovates its products to produce healthier and tastier food and beverages, to meet consumers' evolving needs and address issues relating to non-communicable diseases. This is made possible by the significant resources that have been channelled into Research and Development and the fact that the Company has the world's largest private nutrition R&D network.

The Nestlé Lebih Kebaikan, Lebih Nilai promotion will run from 1 March to 15 April 2014. For more information on the campaign and the consumer promotion, visit the Nestlé website or contact 1-800-88-3433 from Mondays to Fridays, between 10.00am to 5.00pm.


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