MAGGI celebrates Pesta Kaamatan in Sabah

To Press Releases listKota Kinabalu,May 26, 2014

Second wave of MAGGI BIG – now in the Land Below the Wind

MAGGI brings its BIG noodles to the doorsteps of East Malaysians with an added new variant

Nine months after the successful launch of MAGGI BIG Kari in West Malaysia, MAGGI BIG Kari has now made its official appearance in Sabah, in conjunction with the Kaamatan festival.

To further up the harvest festivity mood, MAGGI BIG Kari made its grand entrance together with a new variant – MAGGI BIG Ayam!

The MAGGI BIG philosophy is to bring further satisfaction to its huge fan base so as to provide them with the solution towards their “1 pack of MAGGI is not enough, but 2 packs are too much” dilemma.

After all, MAGGI Noodles has been very much a part of Malaysians, part of us – loved by young and old, across races and throughout different regions – North to South and West to East!

With MAGGI BIG Kari having been first launched in West Malaysia, MAGGI felt that the launch of the whole new MAGGI BIG Ayam together with its Kari variant should be done together in East Malaysia – bringing double the satisfaction to its MAGGI Kari and MAGGI Ayam fans.

The first of MAGGI BIG’s range – MAGGI BIG Kari made its first appearance in West Malaysia in August 2013. As all MAGGI Kari fans will testify, MAGGI Kari has the unique curry taste and aroma that is so irresistible, that makes you want to have a bowl right away. This is because MAGGI Kari is made using a secret blend of spices, cooked to perfection as only MAGGI knows how and combined with high quality wheat that gives us the springy noodles we like. All these bring back memories, from the nights Mum prepared it, to nights at the university hostel sharing bowls of MAGGI Kari with friends! The list of delicious MAGGI Kari moments goes on and on… and with the new MAGGI BIG Kari, it just redefines the meaning of satisfaction, elevating it to a whole new level!

With Nestlé’s commitment in wanting to continuously bring quality products to its consumers, listening to them has now led to the introduction of MAGGI BIG’s 2nd new variant, MAGGI BIG Ayam.

MAGGI appreciates that its MAGGI Ayam too has a huge fan base like its MAGGI Kari. Thus, to please and resolve the similar dilemma amongst its MAGGI Ayam fans, MAGGI believes MAGGI BIG Ayam is spot-on. You may now achieve that BIG satisfaction with your friends and family, together with the MAGGI BIG Kari, if they are fans of the latter.

Keeping to its commitment to produce high quality products, MAGGI BIG Ayam has preserved its unique taste and aroma giving you the taste of real chicken that is so irresistible. This satisfying experience is further enhanced with the high quality wheat springy noodles, making every bite of MAGGI BIG Ayam noodles an everlasting great indulgence.

To celebrate the introduction of both MAGGI BIG Kari and Ayam in Sabah, a three-day road-show was held from 23rd to 25th of May 2014, at the 1 Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu. Besides sale of the whole new MAGGI BIG Kari and Ayam, MAGGI had also prepared special traditional recipes with twist for consumers to try, created with the MAGGI BIG noodle such as the MAGGI BIG KARI Pinasakan and MAGGI BIG AYAM Hinava. Shop-goers were also invited to participate in various games and activities at the event for every purchase of MAGGI products.

The highlight of the road-show was of course the special celebrity appearance of none other than the MAGGI BIG ambassador, Aaron Aziz on 25.5.2014 who together with Datuk John Anthony, Vice President of KDCA, Branch Sales Manager Sabah, Mitchell Gaban and Nuraina Tajuddin, Brand Manager MAGGI East Malaysia officiated the MAGGI BIG and Kaamatan launch.

MAGGI BIG Kari and Ayam are now available in East Malaysia for RM5.90 per multipack (recommended retail price).

Look out for more exciting news on MAGGI noodles in the near future as MAGGI will continue to “spice-up your life” with better and new products.


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