NANKID<sup>®</sup> OPTIPRO<sup>®</sup> 3

NANKID® OPTIPRO® 3 is scientifically formulated milk powders for children 1-3 years of age with Nestle’s Advanced Protein - OPTIPRO® (Optimised Protein) that is optimised in the right concentration and composition to support your child’s growth and development.

NANKID® OPTIPRO® 3 also contains:

  • 100 million BIFIDUS BL beneficial bacteria* - A type of probiotic which supports gut health**
  • DHA & ARA***
    An important component of the brain cells
  • No added sucrose

Your child needs the right nutrients to build a strong immune system, and support a growing body. NANKID® OPTIPRO® Step 3 is a formulated milk powder for children 1-3 years that is scientifically developed with all he key nutrients to help support your child’s growth and development.

* With average consumption of 100g of NANKID® OPTIPRO® Step 3
** Langhendries JP, Detry J, Van Hees J et al. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 1995; 21: 177-81.
*** DHA at 30mg/100g and ARA at 30mg/100g

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