Quality & Environment Policy

Quality Policy

Quality is the cornerstone of Nestlé's success. There is no difference in the quality of a Nestlé product made in Malaysia, South Africa, Russia or Switzerland because the stringent Nestlé Quality System (NQS) is applied throughout the Nestlé world. The NQS, covering raw material sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, marketing and delivery, guarantees full satisfaction to every consumer.

Download the fully revised new version of Nestlé Quality Policy (PDF)

Caring for the Environment

Nestlé cherishes the environment and is therefore, committed to environmentally-sound business practices throughout the world in recognition of the pressing need for natural resource preservation and energy conservation. Towards this aim, Nestlé has invested in various environmentally friendly projects to specifically achieve savings in energy and resources as well as reductions in all forms of wastes and effluents produced.

Download the fully revised new version of Nestlé Environment Policy (PDF)